Various Methods of Sciatic Nerve Treatment

Treating Sciatic Nerve Pain

Most of us give very little attention to the sciatic nerve, which is in fact, the largest nerve in the human body. This nerve runs in the lower back and extends to the buttock and lower limbs. We only think of sciatic nerve treatment when the pain starts in this area and we are forced to give it importance.

The sciatic nerve is the connection between the nervous system and the muscles of the thigh, leg, and foot. There are four factors that are responsible for the pain that requires treatment and can come from tight muscles, muscles that are not strong, movement of joints and pelvic balance.

When muscles tire, they can tighten and cause muscular imbalances. Relaxing the muscles is an effective sciatic nerve treatment. You must also stretch the muscles in the correct way. At times, stretching can result in pelvic muscles being distorted and twisted, and this can aggravate the sciatic pain. Moving can help to loosen the muscle and can help to relieve the pain caused by the sciatic nerve.

The sciatic nerve originates in the area of the spinal cord and if the vertebra in the cord is in good health, this can help to reduce sciatic pain. You can help the health of the spinal cord area by eating food that is healthy and rich in proteins and vitamins. Exercise, without too much of strain, is also essential to keep the sciatic nerve in good condition.

Muscle balance therapy can be a form of treatment for sciatic nerve pain that corrects the lower back muscles. It has to start with a proper assessment of all the muscles that are necessary for the spine, pelvis, and hips to be stable. The assessment has to take into account both the strength and flexibility of all the muscles in these regions.

Chronic pain is often a result of muscles that are out of position and are pressing on the nerve, thus causing the pain. Muscle balancing therapy will bring all the muscles in the back to their proper position, through specific exercises designed for the pain sufferer. Most of these exercises can be easily done at home and can go a long way to relieving sciatic nerve pain.

The use of hot and cold packs can also be a form of treatment for sciatic nerve pain and can afford immediate relief. The use of liniments and oils used through deep massage of the affected areas can also help. Pain relievers and muscle relaxants can go a long way in easing the discomfort caused by sciatic nerve pain. Steroid injections given in the lower back close to the sciatic nerve can also be a form of treatment that can be effective. This reduces the nerve inflammation and thus the pain. These injections do have side effects and are best taken only after detailed medical investigation and diagnosis.

Surgery is recommended as a treatment for chronic sufferers where all other forms of treatment have been unsuccessful.